December Meeting Minutes

Mimosa Bay Homeowners Association Inc. Board Meeting Minutes 7 December 2021 •

The open forum at tonight’s meeting was held in person and via Zoom. If unable to attend, Residents were instructed to send items to be addressed at the meeting to:

I. Open Forum- 5:05 pm • President, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Mimosa Bay’s onsite CAMs representative were present in person. The Vice President was present via Zoom. • A resident brought up a safety concern over a pothole in front of their home on Dolphin View Court. The BOD will investigate this concern and look into repairs. BOD stated the developer is addressing repair work in Phase 5 and BOD will speak with the developer to be added to the developer’s schedule to address the pothole on Dolphin View Court.

• A resident brought up the concern of safety and unsightly piles of dirt and pallets, garbage at a resident’s construction site where the home is to be built on Sea Level Lane. • A resident brought up the concern of pets off leashes in the neighborhood and requested from the BOD to send a blast reminding homeowners.

II. Closed Session – 5:25 PM • The Amenities Committee spoke of open and ongoing projects within the community as an update for community member(s) present.

o The Amenities Committee is the installation process for the approved sunshades for the neighborhood playground.

o The Amenities Committee is researching for replacement of two (2) picnic tables located in the park and pergola areas with thermoplastic coated steel picnic tables.

o A member of the Amenities Committee voiced her opinion on the previous BOD vote for the Boat Corral drainage repair due to the significant price increase in the amount of $62,844.63 from American Eagle Excavation LLC (AEX). BOD President tasked the amenities committee to reach out to Nick Garner to conduct a site visit and see if he could provide a quote.

o A member of the Amenities Committee stated the bulkhead needs to be backfilled on Dolphin View culvert drainage repair.

o A member of the Amenities Committee requested a plumber for the shower at the pool to locate the turn-off valve for winterization. o The Amenities Committee Chair requested to have to master keys to access amenities via a realtor lockbox with combination, etc. to prevent any delays on addressing issues and/or waiting to check out keys when a CAMs representative is on-site.

o The Amenities Committee Chair stated pricing for the dock repair came in higher than projected at $14,036.37. Quote for only labor and demo is $8,835.79. BOD President requested the price of materials only.

• The Social Committee has requested placement of the Children’s Library, “leave a book, take a book”. The BOD has approved the use of fundraising monies to purchase supplies. BOD needs to confirm final placement/logistics.

• The BOD discussed clubhouse usage.

o Rental for yoga or other services – motion to table until liability is defined with legal counsel.

o Request legal to review clubhouse rental agreement with the possibility of revising and/or defining usage and exclusions.

o The rental of the parking lot was denied/not approved because it is not in conjunction with the clubhouse rental nor can it be solely used to prevent homeowner’s access to amenities.

o Open Clubhouse for homeowners- discussed possible limited usage during set times to prevent clubhouse property damage from unsupervised children and maintain COVID protocol. Motions to table.

• The BOD will email the committee chairs directly informing them to email their respective BOD member who in return will email CAMs.

• The BOD unanimously approved resident- Alison Digit to realign the Committee Charters to ensure uniformity.

• The BOD will extend Temporary Boat Parking in the driveway after October 31st due to the limited space in the Boat Corral. This extension will be for residents on the waitlist for a spot in the Boat Corral only. A blast will be sent out to the community as a reminder.

• There is an abandoned trailer in the boat corral. The BOD is making arrangements for it to be removed from the property. A BOD member has agreed to personally remove the trailer.

• Original Mimosa Bay Developer, Blue Marlin, LLC, is in the process of submitting storm water permit- Phase 4 paperwork for the transition of ownership to Mimosa Bay HOA. Upon receipt, the papers will be filed with State Water Quality, an NC State engineer will inspect prior to official transfer with any repairs needed being the developer’s responsibility. CAMs has not yet received.

• The W. Goldeneye Bridge inspection documentation was sent to the county so school buses can continue to drive over the bridge. The engineer has certified the bridge for 2 years. Onslow County Transportation Director stated they will need an annual inspection of the bridge.

• The BOD will coordinate with ECC to do a walkthrough of all landscaping service areas to get a better understanding and negotiate a long-term contract not to exceed five (5) years in conjunction with regarding if pricing decreases on pine straw then Mimosa Bay contract pricing also decreases.

• The BOD motioned to table ECC 2022 grounds proposal until future information is gathered.

• BOD to follow up with ECC that has not yet started work on the scheduled Pluris Access Road at the End of Teal Ct. Meeting Adjourned- 8:05 PM Next HOA Board Meeting 4 January 2022 at 5:00 pm.

I. Email Notifications and Approvals

• 01 December 2021 – The BOD unanimously approved the Backflow Repair the #1 check valve that failed inspections on 11.17.2021 with Sunland Fire Protection Inc. in the amount of $1,150.00.

• 08 December 2021 – CAMs notified BOD DoorKing Inc. online connection service fees and options (Entry System Connection) pricing will increase by $2.00 per month beginning January 10, 2022

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