The Mimosa Bay Board currently has an opening for the Compliance Committee Chair. Below is
listed the necessary qualifications and description for this volunteer position.
Qualifications:  Extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations set forth in the
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) including Supplemental Rules.
Purpose of Compliance: To assist a community that is aware of and complies with established rules and regulations for the benefit of the entire community.
Responsibility: To treat all issues without bias or prejudice.  To work in coordination with the community manager (CAMS) and facilitate uniform enforcement of community rules and regulations while maintaining community harmony.  To assist CAMS and the Board of Directors educating owners as to various aspects of the Mimosa Bay compliance enforcement process and, where necessary, in educating owners as to particular obligations, rights and restrictions set forth in the CCR’s and Supplemental Rules.
Reports to: The Compliance Committee Chair reports to the Board of Directors. This position is appointed by the Board of Directors annually, at a meeting of the Board.
If interested, please submit your interest with a resume
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