Tree Removal Procedure for Homeowners and Automatic Fine NoticeThe removal of any tree over 6” in diameter within Mimosa Bay Waterfront Community requires prior approval of the ACMC. An ACMC request must be completed by the homeowner and submitted for review. The ACMC Committee will review the request and schedule to come to the property to visually assess the trees in person and then provide an official decision via email. ACMC requests, approvals and denials are retained and used for reference. The $50 ACMC Application fee is waived for requests to remove trees that are determined to be dead, diseased or a threat to the home.

Trees that are removed without prior authorization incur an automatic fine per tree. There is not a courtesy notice for this violation as it is an automatic fine. The Compliance Committee will review all reports of trees being removed within the community and compare those reports with approved ACMC Request to make the final determination if the reported case is a violation. Once the determination has been made that trees were removed without approval, the fine per tree or maximum fine will be assessed to the member’s account.

HOA Members owning lots are required to submit an application to the ARC to determine removal of trees for associate home footprint plan. The ARC is the entity to approve/disapprove tree removal for lots based on home footprint of approved plan.

This requirement is detailed in the covenants and bylaws of our community that everyone signs prior to becoming an HOA Member.

Board of Directors

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