Community members,
This email is meant to inform the community of a variety of discrepancies identified with the community play set on July 8th, 2020.  Due to the identification of a combination of loose fasteners, displaced fill-coverings, wood damage and some missing parts the Board of Directors have decided to close the play set until we can find a safe alternative for the children of the community.  After being faced with the multitude of discrepancies it was clear that the risk of allowing the structure to remain accessible was a liability to the community and most importantly a potential hazard to any child that entered the area.
There will be more detailed information to follow regarding the North Carolina Department of Insurances as it relates to maintaining community association playgrounds and the role we all play as a community.  For now, please refrain from taking children near or allowing them to play on the play ground equipment.
If you have any questions or concerns, please take a moment to contact CAMs through your portal access or address any questions through the address.  We are aware and regret that this may be an inconvenience.  However, steps must be taken to prevent the risk of injury to any resident, guest or child of this community.  Thank you for your continued understanding.
Mimosa Bay Board of Directors
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