Mimosa Bay neighbors,
     Good morning.  We hope this finds all residents doing well during these uncertain days and times.  Attached are the most recent regulations, directives and guidance received by the North Carolina governor’s office as they relate to public and community pools.
     As of May 22nd these types of pools may begin opening so long as specified criteria are strictly met and measures are in place to sustain conformity to such rules.  In anticipation of these regulations the Board of Directors and our CAMS representatives have proactively worked with Onslow County to schedule and coordinate our pool inspections.  However, Onslow County had placed a ‘stop’ to all inspections during these closures and have only recently resumed operations.  This is the first step in the process to reopen our community pool.  The inspections were scheduled for this week but were postponed due to weather.  We anticipate a rescheduled date for next week.
     The Board is now exploring all scenarios and making every effort to safely, reasonably, efficiently and cost-effectively reopen the pool area to the community.  Please have patience and understand that this process is not as simple as opening the gates and hoping for the best.  We must think critically and beyond the obvious in order to get things right the first day.  We cannot act in hast and must have a measured approach to monitor the impact of what takes place once the gates open.
     The Board will schedule a private meeting to address the specific requirements, assistance needed, logistic demands, and a target date for opening.
     Lastly, please know we are working to balance the needs, wants, health and safety of a community with the regulations and State requirements placed upon us.  Continue to stay safe and seek trusted local and State information resources.
     As always, we appreciate the professionalism, civility and support this community has shown.  We welcome diversity in all things important and ask for unity in all things critical.
Mimosa Bay Board of Directors
I am unable to upload the complete Executive Order No. 141: Phase 2 dated May 20, 2020 due to it exceeds maximum upload for this site.  At one point I will copy & paste various pages and post.
Safer-At-Home-graphic Phase Two
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