Gatherings on Community Property

Dear Mimosa Bay Residents,
     Over the last couple of weeks the Board of Directors has taken a measured approach to do what is best for the relative health and wellness of the overall community.  Our approach has been a simple effort to comply and stay in concert with local and state government regulations as they apply to the COVID-19 outbreak.
     These efforts are meant to lessen the impact of potential gatherings in HOA common areas.  We must consider our actions and how they may affect those around us.  Each of us as residents have a responsibility to safeguard the health and well-being of our families, community and ourselves by adhering to the guidelines and intent set-forth by State and local officials.  Therefore, in keeping with the intent of the Mimosa Bay COVID-19 Directive the HOA does not endorse or permit the unauthorized use of its facilities or property for the use of gatherings of residents and  visitors.
     We encourage each resident to read in-full the State directive issued by Governor Cooper.  Among other things listed therein, the language does allow for businesses that prepare and distribute food and food stuffs.  However, the HOA does not endorse the use of community facilities for any purposes which would create the probability of people gathering in a single area.
Thank you for your mindfulness as we all try to adapt to the uncertainty associated with these times.
Board of Directors
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